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one fuck up right after another - Like the naked lead the blind, i know i'm selfish i'm unkind...
...Sucker love i always find, someone to bruise and leave behind
one fuck up right after another
first off, there are more pictures uploaded into photobucket in beauty and lino and the park so those of you who actually take the time out of your busy days to take a looksee cuz you love me, go to the previous links and check em out.

secondly, these past 36 hours have been almost hell like. work sucked yesterday as usual. came home, organized pictures from all the way back to 8th grade to now. talked to david a bit online, samm called to see if i was going to zac, barbie and sarah's party. i didn't feel all that swell but i had nothing to do so i said to hell with it and went. i had a lot of fun for the most part. i was pleasently surprised to hear from jacob. he actually called me ^_^ talked to him for a bit. swang on a tire swing, nearly got sick (problem #1 that didn't help the one's proceeding it) decide to leave after we get back from the park. take samm along with me. we go on our merry way to bubble island in EL. have an awesome drink...mmm... she needs to go home by like 10:30 so we drive on to whitehills thinking that we'll just chill in the parks parking lot and enjoy our delicious cold beverage there. (prob #3... prob #2, we'll backtrack to in a few) we pull up to the pitch black culdisac and all we saw were 2 reflectors and both of us looked at eachother and knew that we had to get out of there. we didn't know why but we did. both of us got real sick feelings and bad bad bad vibes from there. i myself was scarred shitless but that was me. we scram out of there as fast as my car and backing up skills will allow and i drop her off. i head back into lansing and go home. pull up in the drive way, turn off the car, go to grab my things, look around, can't find my purse. must've put it in the back. get out, look in the back. nothing. silly me i left it at sarahs. go in the house call her... i didn't leave it there. i remember taking out to the car with me. i also remember putting it on top of my car to get in cuz my hands were full. (prob #2) i lost my purse. i've looked everywhere for it, i even went back out to el to check, nothing. luckly enough it only had my checkbook in it but i'm spazing cuz i'm paranoid, dont feel well and stressed cuz i haven't seen derek in a week and it's driving me NUTS!!! being on my period doesn't help either. had to go into work today and i just started crying. brenda said something and it set me off. i tried so hard not to but it just happened. i almost just went home. i looked like shit and felt like it too. it didn't help that when derek called from ohio last night, i was already crying and trying to find my purse and i had to let him go to do an in depth search for it.

so yea, i'm just, drained. tuesday will be so grand. i just hope i make it to there. oh, today i did tie dye a tee shirt, a tote bag and a pair of socks...they turned out pretty nifty if i dont say so my self. my god i just got a wave of sadness...i hate this...i hope summer slows down

Current Mood: depressed depressed
Current Music: APC "passive"

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rococomelodies From: rococomelodies Date: June 20th, 2005 11:09 am (UTC) (Link)
its weird your friends with Lino.

I remember in 7th grade summer when I first met him. We played truth or dare and me and him got to make out.

Then he asked me if he had a snowball chance of getting together with me and I told him no. I wasn't interested in guys.

Then when I turn 16, in 10th grade.. I finally was interested in males and had my first boyfriend.

I think that's about all I know about him. :P
fallen_dreamer6 From: fallen_dreamer6 Date: June 20th, 2005 12:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
whoa so you're one of the one's he made out with at that party....lol gosh i remember i got so jelous cuz of that. that's hularious *sings "its a small world after all"*
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